Outstanding horizon trading co. (OHTC) has been founded on 2020. as the board of directors of outstanding horizon trading co. wishes to have a strong start with remarkable stain in the local market and keeping up with the last developments and most modern systems, the board of directors captured the idea of taking over and acquiring Saudi contractors supply co./ sacs (elect.) one of the leading companies in these fields supplying, installing & maintenance of all low current systems ICT solutions, storage, backup, networking services.

OUR Vision

Our vision is to provide the best quality, reliably and peace of mind integrated service packages to emerging business companies which helps our clients to focus only on their core business.

OUR Mission

At OHTC, our mission is to work closely with our clients in setup and support their business with peace of mind which earns their trust and protects their interests.


A major leading company in the low current systems Industry


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